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About Dan

Actor, Comedian, Writer

Dan Telfer (he/him) hails from Chicago and now lives in Los Angeles. He has a degree in Acting from Columbia College Chicago and has trained at Real Voice LA.

Dan’s stand-up comedy has been featured on NBC’s Last Comic Standing, Comedy Central’s @midnight, and The Pete Holmes Show (featured above). He has toured with the likes of Maria Bamford, Patton Oswalt, and Brian Posehn, and his albums Tendrils of Ruin and Ocean of Panic have reached the #1 spot on Apple Music’s Comedy chart.

His podcasting experience includes being the Dungeon Master for the comedic Dungeons & Dragons podcast called Nerd Poker, which is still going strong after 10 years. There he creates and performs hundreds of characters, from orcs to elves, from dragons to pixies.

As a gaming writer Dan has helped win an Ennie Award for Best Family Game / Product with the adaptation of Netflix’s The Dragon Prince.  He's adapted DC Comics' The Last God for D&D's 5th Edition, and has created encounters, monsters, and artifacts for Dungeons & Dragons itself.

Fun fact— Dan is perhaps the only person who can claim to have been a writer/editor for both The Onion and MAD Magazine. 

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